History of Alicats

I have a beautiful home, a hard working family, and business that makes everyone and myself happy. It all started in 1976 when I came from Fiji Islands to Canada and an old friend of mine gave me a camera. Looking back now, it was the best gift anyone could ever offer. I opened the box and held it like there was no tomorrow, it was a camera. The newest and most modern camera money could buy. Back then, $800.00 for a camera was a huge deal! But there was nothing that could make me happier.

Before I had my camera, I was an industrial worker for Alberta Steel. It was many years of hard work and labour that makes everything now worthwhile. When I first had my camera all I would do is play and fool around with it. Taking shots of family, friends, and co-workers was all fun and games. It was when the pictures were developed, that everything turned around. The pictures were great! Everyone wanted his or her pictures taken. Friends started asking me to do birthdays and weddings as favors. Of course I wasn’t smart enough to charge them right away, but I knew this was the job I wanted to do. I started doing functions and weddings for friends for free, it was great.

Later on, I changed careers and started my own business. I was a Courier Driver for Dynamex Courier Service. It wasn’t exactly what I wanted to do, but it was my first step to doing what I wanted to do. Delivering parcels everyday helped me create my clientele for the future I was going to make. After that I started doing more functions and weddings on the side. I remember the first wedding I ever did; it was in September of 1990. I remember the whole $700 I got paid. After I started getting more contracts, I decided to stop the Courier Service and create my garage to an indoor studio. Alicat’s Photography opened in 1992 and turned my whole backyard into a fantasy garden with flowers, and water fountains.

About Alicats Photography

Alicat’s Photography was my home and it still is. Everything exploded after that. It was contract after contract, and gig after gig. I was excited and determined that my two sons, Fazman and Farhan were going to learn the family business. They did with excitement. What child wouldn’t be excited with actual money in their pockets? But, it just turns out there as good as I am. The business just grew itself. A few years after, I started doing videos, and soon after that my sons started deejaying for parties. Everything was going as planned; especially for a small family business I started from home. The hard times were probably winter, not many people had weddings during the winter times. My challenge was to make it work, so my family decided to start taking bookings for international weddings. We’ve traveled to the United States, Caribbean, Fiji Islands and more. It made everything even better! Now, I am proud to say that Alicat’s Photography, Video & DJ Service is a member of the Better Business Bureau and doing wedding consulting. It is the branch of my company that we are exploring. After 18 years of weddings and birthdays my family, and myself have perfected parties. We also have added in sub-contracts such as Limousine rentals, catering services, hotels/hall bookings, and decorating. This small family business is growing by the day and my family and myself are more proud than ever. No one can tell me now that a small business out of your home just doesn’t work. Alicat’s Photography, Video & DJ Service is growing larger and larger by the day and we are more than excited to work harder.

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